You may not realize that your interior paint is making your home look older and dingier than it is. Paint is relatively inexpensive and applying it gives a facelift to your entire interior design. If you think your inside paint is getting older, these 4 signs will help you be sure that it's time for a fresh coat.


When the chemical components of interior house paint start to break down, they leave a chalky residue behind. If you run your fingers across the walls of your home and see pigment, it means that you are due to call residential painting in Roswell, GA.


Peeling is another sign that your paint has sustained damage and your home will look a lot better with some residential painting attention. Peeling can be caused by moisture getting into the layers of paint. It's especially common in bathrooms and washrooms, so keep your eyes peeled for peeling in these parts of your home.


This is difficult to notice unless you take a close look. If you have a picture hanging on a wall of a sunny room, move it and look at the wall. If there is a darker spot where the picture once was, your paint has gradually been faded by the sun. This happens to all types of paints over the years. Some pigments are more susceptible than others, so talk to painting specialists to get recommendations about which colors will be better for sunny rooms.

Time for Something New

One reason you might need some new paint is that you want to give your home a fresh look. This will keep you feeling great about your interior design and is a good way to prepare a home to be sold. You'll be shocked by how much a new few coats of paint and some different colors will make your home look fresh and bright. You can contact a paint specialist for recommendations.