Painting your home is a key component to creating the perfect area for you and your family. Sometimes when you move into your home, it might be the perfect space, but it isn't the perfect color. The most common problem people have when moving into a new home is needing to change the colors of their interior or exterior walls. While you can hire just anyone to paint your house, you can even do it yourself, it helps if you find the right person for the job. It can be hard to find the person who seems like they will do the perfect job. Thankfully, there are about five things you can consider while hiring a painting contractor.

Do Your Research

Anybody with a car, paint, and some paintbrushes can come over and change the color of your home. That doesn't mean that they will do it right. You want to do your research before you hire someone, especially if you find that someone on a website like Craigslist. If they have a company name, look it up on your favorite search engine and check out their previous reviews.

Employees or Subcontractors

You might not think it's important to know the specifics of the employees with the company you hire, but it is. You should ask them questions about whether or not the people painting your house are employees or subcontractors. Employees are usually always covered under some sort of liability insurance, while subcontractors are not always. If the workers are subcontractors, you want to ask them if they have their own insurance plans. It's important that you figure out all of these details before they start painting your home.

Preparation Work

Ask the company or contractor what their painting preparation process is. In order to have the paint job look its best, you need to have the preparation work done properly. A good painting contractor will take all the time necessary to make sure that the preparation work is done exactly how it should be. The preparation job will be done much more sloppily if you hire a cheaper service. While you might want to save money, it's not always worth it if it means that you will have a crappy paint job.


As mentioned above, a cheap price is nice if your main prerogative is to save money, but it won't guarantee you the best job. Due to this, getting the lowest price shouldn't be your main concern when it comes to finding the right painting contractor. While you should ask around and get multiple quotes, don't make your decision solely based on this fact.


Make sure that the painting contractor in Alpharetta you decide to hire has enough knowledge about painting. You ideally want to hire someone who knows more about painting than you do.