Kitchens and bathrooms are the heart, soul, and energy of every home. Their appearance will determine how comfortable your home is overall and has a tremendous effect on property values. Why is that? This is because kitchens and bathrooms are not stocked with furniture, lamps, and other décor the way a living room or bedroom would be. If you wanted to improve your bedroom, for example, you could apply a fresh coat of paint or even install new flooring, but switching out your furniture will also have a visual effect on the space.

You could not do the same thing with a kitchen. Switching out your dish towels and soap dispensers will not dramatically improve your kitchen, nor will adding a new bath mat or designer soaps and candles improve your bathroom. Hardware, appliances, fixtures, and building materials make kitchens and bathrooms what they are. That is why you should invest in dramatic renovations for your kitchen and every bathroom in your home.

Consider some of the hottest and most forward-thinking designs to inspire your remodel. For example, try adding an island with bar dining space into an open kitchen. Turn a galley kitchen into an enclosed, three-sided kitchen for more work and entertaining space. Also, switch out short cabinets for taller, lengthier ones to make your kitchen more practical and look much larger.

You can improve your bathrooms by adding hiding features to them, like glass partition walls that hide the toilet and half-walls to separate the shower from the rest of the space. Also try replacing bathroom cabinetry with open shelving to make bathrooms appear large and breezy instead of cramped with bulky furniture.

Add high-texture building materials like white shiplap—a type of modern wood paneling—quartz, and exposed brick to any kitchen or bathroom for simple, non-cluttered spaces that make a huge impact.

Also, you can improve kitchens and bathrooms by expanding small, disconnected windows into large picture windows. Connect tiny bathroom windows instead of covering them and tear down any unnecessary blinds and curtains. Letting light in will vastly improve any bathroom or kitchen, especially if you have bright materials like soapstone and nickel to reflect the light.

When you want to make drastic improvements like these, you need to rely on experienced remodeling professionals so that the job looks professionally done, not cheap or clumsy. Marshall Renovations has over 20 years of experience giving Marietta homeowners the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams. We use high-quality materials like Benjamin Moore paint and even offer a 5-year warranty for our work because we know that you will be beyond satisfied with the improvements—you will be thrilled. And rather than making quick and superficial improvements to homes, we install materials carefully and expertly so that your new rooms look fresh for a long time and stand up to everyday use.

If you want to discuss some potential designs for your new kitchen or bathrooms, let Marshall Renovations help you draft a unique and impressive plan, then implement it with care and artful craftsmanship. You will love your new home every single day.