There are seemingly endless flooring opportunities for homes and businesses. Just peruse magazines or blogs and you will see a myriad of textures, materials, and patterns from natural materials like hardwood or stone to manmade options like smart tile, which peels and sticks to a surface. But there are many reasons why hardwood is the superior option of them all.

Listing every benefit of hardwood floors would be nearly impossible, so consider some of the top benefits, like its versatile appearance, affordability, the plank patterning options for creating classic or uniquely patterned floors, or the wide variety of painting and finishing options to truly customize your hardwood floor. What’s more, hardwood is durable, resistant, and able to withstand the test of time. Whether you want to pair it with a handsome area rug or leave it to impress your business’ clients or home’s guests, hardwood will always be appreciated for its unmatched natural beauty.

Even better, hardwood is simple to install. Trained experts can install several square feet of hardwood quickly and reliably, which means that you will save on installation costs. When it is installed perfectly and given proper care, hardwood will remain beautiful, elegant, and rich in character for a long time.

You can truly trust in a hardwood floor. This is especially true if you hire trained and experienced experts to install the custom hardwood floor of your dreams. Marshall Renovations is a premiere source for expert home improvement craftsmen. With experience in siding, interior and exterior paint, kitchen and bath design, flooring installation, and remodeling projects, Marshall Renovations can truly transform any structure into an eye-popping masterpiece inside and out. Any home or business owner would be smart to trust in our design and installation expertise.

We have been improving the look and feel of buildings for over 20 years and now make up one of the most respected and talented renovation and installation services in the area. Our talented workers are all insured and committed to excellence from start to finish. We clean up our messes, finish our work, and, most importantly, hope to impress you with dramatic improvements you will never regret.

If you are not experienced with shopping for hardwood floors and doubt that hardwood is the best flooring option for your property, contact us so we can offer you a brand-new floor so beautiful and practical it will make your design dreams come true.