Choosing the right paint color in your home is a huge challenge that can easily go quite wrong. Fortunately, there are some simple ways of choosing the perfect interior paint in Roswell, GA. Choosing good paint color combinations can do wonders to your home, including making it feel bigger, cozier, more elegant, etc.  At Marshall Renovations LLC, we are excited to offer a few tips to help you choose paint color combinations that are sure to please.

Choose a Style

The first decision to make when choosing paint for any room is what sort of style you want. Are you using furniture and accents you already have or buying new furnishings? Either way, the colors of the pieces going into the room are a good place to get a feel for the style of the room and will help you choose the right base color.

Choose a Base Color

Choosing a base color is the most important. Find the largest pattern in the room or the furnishing making the biggest statement and choose a color out of that. Generally, lighter colors are better to keep rooms looking spacious and darker colors help enclose the space more, which can be desirable in a vast room that you want to make feel cozy.

Choose Accent Colors

Next up, you need to choose an accent color or two. There are two classic color schemes to consider here: monochromatic or complementary. In the monochromatic style, choose accent colors that are lighter or darker variations on your base color. Stick to that color throughout the room except perhaps an occasional pop of a different color. For complementary colors, take a peek at a color wheel and find the complementary color opposite to your base color. Use this as your primary accent. A great rule of thumb is to use about 60% of the base color, 30% of a variation on the base color, and 10% of an accent color. These simple guidelines will help you deliver the perfect interior paint choice for any home in Roswell, GA.