The colors of your surroundings have bigger impacts on your overall impression than you might realize. Colors can make you feel emotions in different spaces and fresh paint can make an interior space feel revitalized. If your surroundings feel stale, you want to sell your home, or your paint is getting old and dingy, it's a great idea to contact a painting company in Alpharetta to figure out how to mix up your situation.

Time for a Change

It may not seem like the most pressing reason to repaint your house, but it can be so refreshing! If it's time for a change, paint is one of the cheaper ways to accomplish this. A new color in your bedroom or living room can make your home feel like a totally different place. Just had a breakup, changed jobs, or had some other major upheaval? Why not call house painters in Alpharetta to shake things up and make you see new possibilities all around you.

Your Paint Is Discoloring

Because you gradually get used to seeing your surroundings in your home over time, your brain stops processing the little things that will be immediately apparent to people who visit for the first time. Take paint. To you, it looks as it always has, but to visitors, it might appear dingy or faded. To determine whether your paint is discolored, try one of these methods:

Keep an original paint chip and put it up against the wall in question. This takes some foresight, but if you've randomly kept the paint chip you used to decide to paint the wall, this is a fool-proof way to know if it's time for some new paint.

Move a picture or painting. If there's an area of lighter and darker paint, it's time for a fresh coat. If there's smoke or intense sunlight in the room where you're looking, these could be the causes for the fade or discoloration.

Ask a friend! It doesn't hurt to ask visitors their impressions of your home and its decoration.

You Want to Sell

When you've decided to sell your house, it's time for new paint, even if you don't think there's major discoloration. There's something about a fresh coat of paint that just makes surroundings feel newer and fresher. If you have extra cans of the original colors you painted different rooms, great! You can simply touch up the existing paint without having to think too much about what colors you want or what will work with your flooring and the rest of your decorations.