The color of your home has an impact on your mood by creating an atmosphere of comfort, excitement, relaxation, warmth, or stimulation, depending on the colors chosen. Red, for example, is a stimulating color and can be a great option for creating excitement and invigorating you. If you want to reduce stress by a careful color choice, here are some tips on the most relaxing interior paint colors for your Roswell, GA, home.

Pink and Violet

While red may be exciting to the senses, pink is a much more tranquil color. It is softer than red and in the right shade can be peaceful and balancing. Violet often stands for strength and peace and as such can be stress reducing.

Yellow and Orange

While yellow may not be the most peaceful color, if stress busting is your goal, we recommend a cheerful shade of yellow that can help lift your spirits and help you feel better about yourself. Orange is another stimulating color that can help you feel better, but would not promote peace or calm.

Green and Blue

Blue is a commonly chosen peaceful color that promotes tranquility and calmness. Various shades of blue can promote calm for different people, so choose the shade that feels best to you personally. Green, much like blue, can soothe and relax. If reducing anxiety is your goal, we recommend a pleasant shade of green that can help tremendously.

Black and White

Clean and bold, black and white are opposites that can have a huge impact on your mood. Black can be powerful and elegant but may feel overwhelming, so use this color sparingly. White, on the other hand, can lead to freshness, but be careful to avoid dull whites that may cause you to likewise feel dull.

Color choice is a highly individualized thing. What affects one person one way may not do the same to you, so choose wisely.